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Women's education in Ukraine: history and prospects

Education of women in Russia or in Ukraine has deep roots and had been developing gradually. Today, women’s education is at rather high level and is actively supported by the state. Female education allows ladies to be more successful and independent. Women with higher education have much more chances to find perspective work and build a successful career.

Thanks to this today women aren't an exception in science and education any more. Jobs for women without education are offered, as a rule, unskilled, with heavy physical efforts and harmful conditions. With no education are usually offered unskilled heavy in relation to physical effort conditions. Today, great importance has also spiritual education for women. Let's look at history.

History of women's education in Russia

History of women's education in Ukraine / Russia has long traditions. Initially, these were special closed gymnasium for girls, who might in the future to continue their education in special institutions for Noble Maidens. This Women's education history in Russia has many adverse factors. Due to caste division of society into classes before the October Revolution, this education (in the 19th century) was available only to a small number of the females. Before the revolution, female education in Russia was available only to girls of high society, while simple women often weren't able even to read.

Today, higher education is available to any woman. In the 19th century it was quite narrowly focused and provided primarily spiritual education. It wasn't supposed then that the woman, who’d got an education, will be able to occupy some high position in society due to career or work. In general, women were taught various different languages, literature and arts. Without fail they were training in etiquette, manners and needlework.

Advantages of women with higher education

The main advantages of women with higher education today are:

  • an opportunity independently to provide for themselves to all necessary
  • independently to support their children
  • to impart their acquired knowledge to the younger generation

The dependence of women with higher education from men is minimal. Usually work for women without education involves not only hard physical working conditions, but also meager wages. That's why in these days girls and women in Ukraine strive to pursue higher education and find their (high enough) place in society.