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Ukrainian women: who are they?

Each person differs from another, but we can tell in general that the Ukrainian women possess certain properties and qualities, which are marked out very positively. It’s both their appearance and internal characteristics. Here, we will try to call and describe them. But, of course, it is best of all to go to Ukraine yourself - there you can meet the Ukrainian ladies in real life.

Attractive Ukrainian women

The Ukrainian women are well-known in the world for their attractiveness. They are allocated thanks to their femininity: they want to be womanly (it is important for them) and want to make efforts for this purpose. For example, they like to wear beautiful and accurate women's clothing. They carry high heels, both in private and business spheres. Their hairs are long and often look well-groomed. They usually have a good figure: it’s because they pay attention to healthy food and eat in moderate quantities. They feel them well in the female role and see it as the privilege. It’s in their culture and society: to be womanly and to look beautiful.

Warm and friendly nature.

The strong property of the Ukrainian women is also their character: they’re kind, unpretentious, natural and sincere. They have positive thinking and aren't so cynical - on the contrary: they’re open and polite. Usually Ukrainian women are brought up in warm and loving families – that’s the explanation, why they feel stable and happy. From the earliest age they have been learned to help a family and to stand strongly on their feet - it also does them social and strong women. Besides, they know how to be strong, because life in Ukraine is more difficult in the economic and political relations. In Ukraine, it is much more difficult to earn a living, and social services aren't so good.

All this does life very difficult, but the Ukrainian women know how to cope with it. These are the main reasons that Ukrainian women are very strong. You should know they also are natural and real, but not spontaneous and haughty. Even being very nice, they remain benevolent and friendly with everybody. It is so, because the inner world is more important for them, than the appearance. Thus, they are open for others and are always ready listen to you. What else to say you about Ukrainian women? They are clever, civilized and tactful; the majority of them have the higher education. They consider learning as honor and want to expand their knowledge, because they want to develop themselves as the personality.

Culture, tradition and female role in Ukraine.

It is comfortable to the Ukrainian women with a female role, and it well fits in their culture. Therefore, they won't run away from female occupations in their everyday life. They make every effort to prove themselves before men from the best party: seducing of men is a part of it. But they do it in a very thin manner and only after a man had taken the first steps. Women of Ukraine are brought up traditionally: they aren't emancipated and don't pursue this aim. In the relations or marriage a Ukrainian women carries out a role of a woman with love and devotion.

In the Ukrainian culture an important role plays the Orthodox religion: ladies are often brought up with religious standards and values and they have a respect for them. Therefore, they also respect their neighbor and have positive influence on the relations, bringing in them good standards and values. The Ukrainian woman will stand up for her husband, respect and support him in good and bad times. Note, however: she will be such, until her husband treats her with love and respect; in this case she will make every effort for her loving relations. She wants to create strong and long relations together with a husband.

So, it is possible to tell with confidence that the Ukrainian women are beautiful wives and mothers. They are able to be independent, appreciate marriage and love relations very much. The most important thing is not to anger them, to respect their personality and then they will generously endow you with really deep and sincere feelings.


I want to tell about two cases of relations with the Ukrainian girls. I’ll write only about I’ve noticed in them by myself. First of all, the Ukrainian women are beautiful; they are very trustful and seek to establish a family. If you look for any kind of sex by phone, erotic games – forget about it with the Ukrainian girls. For them, any open talk on sex seems very shameful: most often, the Ukrainians prefer to speak about it in private conversations or so that nobody else heard. Pay attention, if you are in principle frightened by clever girls, then probably the Ukrainians are not for you. Yes, the majority of them has the higher education and is rather clever. To communicate with them you need to raise your outlook and erudition for establishment a good contact with them. A very good way to show your feelings to the Ukrainian girl are letters - they like such type of communication. If you report to the Ukrainian girl about her equal position with men – she will be surprised. The matter is that the Ukrainian women are womanly and aren't emancipated as the Americans. They want to be beautiful, womanly and weak that a man was their support in life. After acquaintance - be attentive: the Ukrainian woman, who is configured for a serious relationship, won’t to go to bed with you soon after acquaintance. Before it, you’ll surely have some period of meetings for check of your feelings. So, be ready to long communication with her without sex.
Eric Jones
The Ukrainian women are smiling, very few from them smoke and take alcohol; respect for a man is put in their genes. They look always perfectly, are skillful mistresses and careful mothers; often are ready to be content with the small because got used to difficult life in conditions of the Ukrainian economy. When preparing for the first appointment, bring your lady not into the most expensive restaurant, but to a more modest institution. At first meetings do not brag of property, but communicate about family values. Such position will help, first, to eliminate candidates pretend for money; secondly, it shows to your lady that you’re winning the wife, but aren't buying her. The Ukrainian women are more aimed at finding a life partner, but not a sponsor. It is very important that a child appeared in an international family spoke on both parents’ languages. About beauty of Slavic girls is told much... There is something in their appearance that excites you very much... Eyes, here that! Plus their accent — a very sexual one! They always seek to look their best, more, than Americans, use decorative cosmetics.
Michael Mayklids
Yes… I’ve met with girls from Ukraine and it was pleasant experience. It was interesting to talk on different subjects to someone, whose outlooks on life strongly differ from yours. Definitely, there is something special in appearance of the Ukrainian girls. They have very sensual, natural beauty, beginning from constitution, style and finishing with accent... They’re very, very attractive! If a man looks for a partner wife, Slavic women — just what you need. They are obedient, devoted and honest, open to entertainments, travels; they’re a good judge of food, restaurants and are able to enjoy simple things. Language, in this case, will be not such an essential obstacle, as well as distinctions in religions, cultures... Great importance has different social structures, in which identities of men and women were formed. That’s why people have different relations to work, rest, family life... If I married the Ukrainian woman, I absolutely precisely would like that my children equally well knew Russian and English. As for children, a question, in what language they will talk, isn't even discussed! Of course, in languages of both parents! It will be useful for a child in life, and during visits to relatives (I hope they will be). There’s a wish that your joint kids fluently talked in Russian and understood well their American grandmothers and grandfathers.