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Shock of the British from "Marriage safari" in Ukraine.

The British press paid attention to the marriage industry in Ukraine and Russia, delivering brides for the British and American men who didn't find love in their homeland. As The Daily Mail writes, for such clients have developed special romantic tours on cities – some kind of "a marriage safari". At this, everything is focused on the fact that a guest got acquainted with such large number of women as it’s possible. The dating market informally is called "the cattle market" (literally, "the market of cattle"). However, lonely gentlemen are ready to lay out for such a tour from 1,5 to 3 thousand pounds sterling (2,3-7,6 thousand dollars).

The organizers promise foreigners that they will be almost constantly in the company of "the unspoiled young beauties, trusting in family values". Men are assured with great feeling that "in 11 days they will meet more beautiful women, than wouldn't meet in five years". Men "get to paradise" indeed, after all women, participating in such meetings (as a rule) are ten times more, than men; besides, they are, at least, twice younger. Usually, during similar actions, 15-25 clients meet 150-250 women, who often don’t know English; so, translators help to communicate them.

For simplification of the task, to everyone’s clothes attach a piece of paper with his name and even a number (in the opinion of critics it is associated with a slave trade). In a day one man meets, on average, five women. According to anonymous recognitions of buyer of such tours, including also employees of foreign social services, in the Ukrainian and Russian women they look for "traditional wives, strictly well-mannered, ready to care of their husband as mother, and also exemplary housewives attached to the house and children". "And what is bad in it?" – say men, opposing such type of women to their compatriots, to whom the western civilization presented equality and independence.

The "Soviet" brides aren't infected with all this feministic nonsense", – dreamy foreigners think. However, despite high requirements in the spirit of patriarchy, growing old and bald grooms want a woman was definitely "sexual". Judging by photos from some of such meetings, widespread in the Internet, participants are often dressed so frankly that it is more similar to the so-called "escort service". Sometimes, they should defile in bikini before potential husbands. These pictures caused heated discussions at forums. Many express extreme rejection, often roughly or obscenely in the spirit of: "How they can sell themselves to those old fat freaks?

It pulls to vomit from only one thought that it’s necessary to sleep with them!" Others protect brides – a pier, they are ready on any conditions, if only to escape from the men-alcoholics and a low standard of living. However, as experts on organization of international marriages warn, women can appear in even worst situation. Agencies and dating services promise them wealthy husbands; whereas, actually almost nobody checks neither their financial position, nor a mental state. It is quite possible that a person, posing himself as a wealthy foreign businessman, will appear a person with a criminal past or something worse.