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The main cultural distinctions between the Ukrainian and the American woman.

A few years ago the 33-year-old American, having left career of a microbiologist, in search of himself went to Colombia, where wrote the book "How to Oversleep with the Colombian". Having felt taste to such life, Rush used to make similar researches in Brazil, Argentina, the Baltic countries, Poland, Denmark, and Iceland. According to the results of his trips he’s published books. The last tour of the man was to Ukraine. This "sex-tourist" has found the following differences between the American and Ukrainian women (remember only, you shouldn't perceive his words too literally – all opinions are so subjective…):

Differences, found by the American "sex-tourist".

  • The first question of the American girl, "What are you doing?" The first question of the Ukrainian, "Why are you in Ukraine?"
  • The American asks you to buy her a drink. The Ukrainian expects you will buy her to drink.
  • The American puts on bedroom-slippers, because it is comfortable in them. The Ukrainian carries high-heeled footwear, because it is pleasant to men.
  • The American is 20 pounds fatter than standards. The Ukrainian is 5 pounds thinner than standards.
  • The American looks for a stable career. The Ukrainian looks for a stable husband.
  • The American doesn't stop talking. The Ukrainian doesn't open a mouth.
  • The American hates a make-up. The Ukrainian puts it like a painter.
  • The American is an artificial relation. The Ukrainian is artificial nails, eyelashes, and sometimes eyebrows.
  • The American is interested in celebrities; the Ukrainian one – in money.
  • The American knows how to warm chicken nuggets. The Ukrainian knows how to prepare dishes according to her grandmother’s recipe.
  • The American is large, as Australian rugby player. The Ukrainian is fragile and womanly.
  • The American has high self-assessment, which isn't supported with beauty. The Ukrainian is a mix of low self-assessment and amazing beauty.
  • The American complains that there are no real men remain. The Ukrainian complains that you didn't buy flowers for her.
  • It is uncomfortable to the American when it’s too silent around. For the Ukrainian it is uncomfortable when there is a lot of noise around (here, be attentive, everything depends on the girl’s temperament!).
  • The American perceives you as a colleague. The Ukrainian sees in you the owner of her life.
  • The American had never traveled, but considers that knows about the world everything. The Ukrainian had never traveled before and has a complex because of this.
  • The American is a fan of Apple products. The Ukrainian is a fan of Apple products.
  • The American goes to a supermarket in a pajama. The Ukrainian visits a supermarket in a miniskirt.
  • Even the American, which has enough money, puts on as a scarecrow. The Ukrainian puts on with a call, even having no money.
  • The American sees in men misogynists, which have in society the unjustified advantage. The Ukrainian sees in men a bridge to a better life.
  • The American will believe everything you speak to her. The Ukrainian is a lie detector (life forces to).
  • The American proves that she’s strong and independent. The Ukrainian one knows that she’s weak and fragile.
  • The American will tell to everybody as she meets with several guys simultaneously. The Ukrainian broadcasts about gifts from rich men.
  • The American thinks that lawyers are boring. The Ukrainian thinks that lawyers are the men, realized themselves in life; so, they’re worth marrying.
  • The American goes on clubs twice a week for men’s attention. The Ukrainian goes to club once a month because she isn't able to afford to go more often.
  • The American is an expert in photographing herself by a webcam in different foreshortenings. The Ukrainian is a mistress of erotic posing for pictures on the background of a poor park.
  • The ideal man for the American is somebody, ready to spontaneous decisions, interesting and with sense of humor at the level of the stand-up comedian. For the Ukrainian the personality of a man is indifferent, while he has money (this is rather a lie, on our opinion).

As you can see, the Ukrainian women are much more modest than Americans; but, it’s much more difficult to deceive them, than the American girls. All this is due to a difficult economic situation in Ukraine; people there since their childhood learn to overcome difficulties and not to trust casual people.