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How to meet a girl, if she's in the company

Acquaintance with a girl, which is in the company, is very different from other dating types by the presence of not one but several people, standing close to a girl. Is it good or bad and how this may help, you'll know further.

How to organize communication

It is not obligatory to begin conversation with a greeting. You can manage by some comment or joke. In order that you felt surely during the whole dating, you’d know that if you were able to come to several people at once already distinguishes you from the crowd and increases your attractiveness. When you meet a girl who is in the company of one girlfriend or more persons, it is best to pay attention to all the members of this group. That’s because, as a rule, the rest will be unpleasant if you steal the girl's attention and they will do every possible to disturb you.

First of all, become attractive for the whole group so that her friends began to perceive you as an old acquaintance. It isn’t as difficult as you may think. Just be sure, know that no one will bite you - joke and tell interesting stories. And then you can win the confidence of the group in a very short time. Besides, communication with the company of several people will show you as confident and high-value man. However, do not overdo with jokes. In order not to look like a clown, monitor the reaction of the company members.

When you will notice they do not laugh so much - slow down the pace and talk on serious topics. Do not think that if you stop joking, they immediately stop talking to you: on the contrary, it will show you as a versatile person and you will become more interesting to them. For example, you can start with a joke. And then, when one of the company members will support the conversation, you can continue to talk on the same theme, only this time seriously. Seriousness and humor can be alternated.

How to take a phone number

Take a phone number only after you call up the confidence of the group. Of course, it’s not the fact that all members of the company will treat you kindly. But it’s also not necessary for you! The main thing is: be the leader of conversation and conduct communication in the direction, necessary to you. You have two options on a choice. It’s better to use a second one, because you look more confident in this case. But you also shouldn't charge off an account the first option because the probability of taking the number increases by several times!

1. The first option: to wait until your purpose will somehow disconnect from her company and talk to her at the minimum or zero number of her friends. The risk is that this "disconnect" can never happen.

2. The second one: to take her aside and there already to agree about a meeting. By the way, it’s better to have a good reason for the meeting, because it is difficult for girl to agree to an exchange of numbers (after all her friends will ask, why did she give you the number and she needs a justification).

The main thing in getting acquainted with the girl in the company is to win the confidence of the group to such an extent that a girl did not feel awkwardly, when she will give the phone number. This is a basic principle, which should be observed.