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The Ukrainian woman on the fourth date is an American one on the first

Once, an American tourist visited Ukraine and then shared his supervision about differences between the Ukrainian girls from coevals of other countries. This 32-year-old man, a microbiologist by education, already for some years has been looking his sexual paradise on the earth. Once, he understood that is unattractive for women from the material point of view and isn't endowed with natural beauty and sexuality. Then he decided to use for intimate communication with attractive girls his intellectual potential, playing with them psychological games.

After a cool welcome in Europe (especially the guy wasn't lucky with sex in Denmark) and trips to the countries of Baltic, Colombia and Brazil, he went to Ukraine and spent in Kharkiv about 3 months. By results of his adventures he’s written the brochure "To oversleep with a Ukrainian girl". Of course, not everyone believed to his sexual experience. He received a set of comments from Americans (also looking for adventures in this country) and from Ukrainians, who brought down on him a powerful wave of hatred, mistrust, envy and damnations.

As a result, the author even declared that Ukraine isn't interested for him anymore. It is necessary to tell that some of his councils are really primitive, though in some places they’re very instructive and interesting. The text in comic and ironic tone shows a difference between Ukrainians and girls from other countries by a cold glance of a foreign researcher (although a very cynical one).

"Ukrainians are so yearned for money that if you’ll start being spent for them, they will delay with sex as much as possible".

As the American writes, in Ukraine everything is wrong, except one – women. Ukrainians, on his opinion, are the most womanly in the world! Since even the most usual of girls understand on what "pecks" most of men, they pay maximum attention to their appearance: go to sports halls, keep to diets, dance, wear skirts and heels and always use a make-up. They have not the best skin and teeth, but the majority learned to mask shortcomings and look in everyday life, as a star. But! Some draw artificial eyebrows, increase huge eyelashes and nails, sometimes becoming similar to transsexuals.

Ukrainians are educated; many of them finish one education and right there seek to receive a new one. However, alas, about their inner world they, practically, don't care of (this statement of the author is very probably a lie). They tend to conform to male expectations than their own. The author thinks that shortcomings of Ukrainian women are generated by their male compatriots - gray, aggressive, avaricious and greedy generally on appearance, but not a personality. Ukrainians differ from girls from Russian too: psychologically they have no imperial confidence.

As well as other pickup men, the blogger divides Ukrainians into 3 types and defines one of them, which is worth being guided to receive sex. The author advises to look for this type in night clubs and explains the psychological changes, happening to Ukrainians with age:

After 25 years Ukrainian unmarried girls become diffident and are ready to marry nearly the first comer. The reason for that is continuous "washing of their brains" by a girl's relatives. Such type of Ukrainians is easiest to tempt, but men have to mean that these women are looking for not so much lovers, as a partner for marriage. They won't sleep with you, if don't see prospects. So, you must never tell them that you’re a tourist. It is better to compose a legend about your mission in Ukraine.

The blogger advises not to spend money for Ukrainians too generously, because they not really got used to it — local men have, as a rule, not enough means or desires to drive their girl into a restaurant. This American "lover" advises to save from the very first date, walking around the city and visiting usual cafes.

If to spend a lot of money, your woman will at once decide that you’re a sponsor and expect that you’ll begin to pay for sex, says the author. Besides, Ukrainian girl are so yearned on money that if you start being spent for them, they will delay with sex as much as possible, trying to take pleasure and at the same time bidding up herself as the potential wife. The Ukrainian women drink a little, controlling drinking; therefore, you need to be ready to seduce with artistry and bring them to bed without any alcohol.

The best way to have impact on a girl is to give her pleasure in bed and bring her to an orgasm! Local guys are so awful in the sexual plan that your skill will instantly turn into your trump, for which a lot of things will be forgiven. Besides, after sex everything will become much better. The Ukrainian, surrendering to you and getting pleasure, becomes an appeasable kitty and the real girlfriend, with whom it’s very interesting to talk.

"American and Ukrainian women shared one thing: they both are obsessed with Apple"

The blog author is sure "the Ukrainian on the fourth date is the American on the first". And ironically compares Ukrainian girls to the main character of the old American comedy "Weekend at Berney". Berney is a dead man, whom friends give out for live, directing by his body, as a puppet. Dead Berney even gets new friends and has a nice girl. But, to return him to life, it’s necessary to make a mysterious voodoo ceremony. Ukrainian girls are like Berney. To hype up this doll beauty, to return it to life, it’s necessary to have shaman force! How?

Acquire some basic rules:

1) From the first meeting touch a girl as much as possible - she doesn't have enough of tactile affection. To take by hand, to stroke on a back, hair — it is frequently enough that she relaxed.

2) You should tell 90 percent of all time. The American girl in five minutes will talk to you so much that it seems, as if you always were best friends. The Ukrainian girl spends on it five hours. Besides, Ukrainian girls, in their majority, know English badly; for them it’s more difficult to speak, than to understand you. And nevertheless, with Ukrainians it’s difficult on the first two appointments, and with Americans — on all. Usually it is more comfortable with a woman, who is silent and who listens, than with who is sure she knows everything in the world!

3) Dance with a girl and if she isn't ready yet, suggest drinking. Refusal is a bad omen. It means that she doesn't want to be obliged to you for binge and at this stage you don't excite her.

4) Try to kiss her. Attempt here is even more important, than successful result. She has to understand from the first meeting that you have a sexual interest to her, but not friendly one.

Though many statements of the author raise serious doubts, some of his councils are worth to pay attention to them.