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Dating scams.

Usually, romantic fraud happens when it seems that you’ve met on the Internet such remarkable person…, but she turns out not that, who had claimed to be. As soon as she receives your trust, she starts pressing on your emotion and constantly ask money. How you can get on such deceiver? You can be registered in service for Internet dating or join online discussions. There, a pleasant person begins to show keen interest to you. A person can be from your country or from abroad.

Gender and age demographics ofvictims of online romance scams in 2011.

Gradually your relations start going deeper in all ways: by e-mail, through instant messages, by means of SMS or phone calls. These relations develop, they are interesting to you and you approach with a person more and more. Most likely the woman, with whom you might already fall in love, sends you her photo and calls you by a tender name. Besides, she can ask your erotic photos; ask about commission of any sexual actions with the switched-on webcam (more often such is offered to women).

Over time, it appears that the person, who was so attentive to you and by the relations with whom you valued so much, appears absolutely another. Actually, most likely you’ve communicated with several members of one criminal gang. These swindlers achieve your trust and then start summoning sympathy to them, to tell about any problems and ask to help them with money, having sent them in any convenient way.

For example:

  • The woman wants to arrive to you; however, she has no money on visa, road and other.
  • She can also tell that she’d bought an air ticket, but it was stolen.
  • A family member is very sick and is urgently necessary some money for operation or treatment.

As soon as you send money to this woman, she will continue to pursue you and describe a set of reasons to send her additional money. As soon as you send to this girl any erotic or sexual images, swindlers will start threatening to publish them. They will threaten that your native, friends or colleagues see them, if you don't send money. Maybe, you had imprudence and recorded sexual actions in front of the webcam (we know about real occasions, like this), then swindlers will surely start threatening you with their help.

How to understand, whether you’ve really communicating with a swindler

Here are the main signs, by which it is possible to determine fraud:

  • Your relations began with communication online, by e-mail, by means of messages or calls and you’re denied in a real meeting.
  • Your new love is beautiful as a supermodel on those photos, which sends to you.
  • You are asked about much, but the woman doesn't tell anything about herself.
  • Already through short time she starts to call you by tender names or to use some fascinating words like "darling".
  • After the first acquaintance on the site, she wants to communicate with you in any other way, avoiding communication through the dating site, on which you’ve met initially.
  • If you ask where exactly this person lives or works, she avoids answering you such questions.
  • She begins to request you about sending money on any needs and thinks out any pretexts.

What to do, if you’ve become a victim of a swindler

  • First of all, as soon as you suspected fraud, report about it administration of the site.
  • Immediately stop any communication.
  • Never send too much money.
  • Trust your sub-consciousness: if you feel that someone behaves suspiciously – trust this instinctive feeling.
  • Protect yourself from swindlers in all ways.
  • Keep in full secret your private life from unfamiliar strangers.
  • Never give online the number of your credit card and your bank requisites. And, of course, never send money to people, which you don't know personally.
  • Communicating on a dating site with users from abroad, you should find out in some way whether they really are writing to you from abroad.

Don't answer and don't communicate with people, whom you’ve met on a dating site or simply on the Internet and who (after acquaintance) want to continue communication in any other ways, except communication through that site. In such a way these people simply try to avoid exposure. Taking these tips to the attention, you will secure yourself against fraud and be able to avoid huge troubles. Good luck in your searches of true love!