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Where to find love: common friends, parties and the Internet

When we are looking for a soul mate, we certainly begin to visit the most likely places for dating. And each of us goes there, where he feels most comfortable. Where is it possible to get acquainted with a person for creation of serious relations? Here, of course, the question is not always easy. If usual love affair may occur absolutely anywhere, the probability of continuing relationship does not exist in all cases. At least, in those places where to find love is the most likely, you can come across as casually, and deliberately. Let's look at the most likely places for acquaintance. Here, we’ll indicate the likelihood of continuing relationship after dating:

  • Educational institutions
  • Work
  • Common friends and acquaintances
  • Mass events: weddings, birthdays, major parties
  • Acquaintances through the Internet

Let’s see them in more details:

Educational institutions

In golden student years there are mass of chances to meet someone. Moreover, quite possibly, that familiarity can occur namely in school time and certainly at your institution. Nothing brings students so much as "hot" period during a session or life in a university dorm. Anyway, during the training period most of the time people spend just under one roof, which (strictly speaking) becomes a meeting place.

The probability of successful dating is approximately 80%. In youth young people rarely "steamed" about how to meet best, where to meet a girl and how to "roll up" to her more beautifully. Probably, due to lack of excessive rigor dating in these years appear the most successful.

But as for the probability of marriage after dating in high school, here your chances are greatly reduced, because in youth we often (due to inexperience in love affairs) lose our beloved people. But we gain invaluable experience in relationships.


Our work… That's where we spend most of our precious life. And even those, who are too busy by their career growth, still find a soul mate straightly in working mode. Firstly, there is plenty of time to find a new friend (friends) in different situations and colors: in dealing with people, on a cheerful corporate party, in extreme stressful environment, etc. Your potential beloved may appear before you in all her glory. This will help you in the future to avoid many "surprises" of joint life.

The probability of successful dating on work is about 60%. Why acquaintance for a serious relationship in this case has less success than in educational institutions? Because most of your colleagues, most likely, ALREADY in some relationships. But, if you manage to meet with a girl at work, then the probability to legalize your relationship is more likely to: about a third of future spouses' acquaintances occur namely after they met during working hours.

Common friends and acquaintances

Friendly company is great atmosphere, where to meet a girl is very easy. New companies, new people and a lot of pleasant time together! Usually in such a situation people are surrounded by positive emotions and mood, that’s why acquaintance with mutual friends is so popular. The probability of successful dating in this case is about 40%. Despite the wonderful atmosphere, a range of potential partners has been narrowing; at the same time has been reducing also the likelihood of successful dating. Indeed, besides at your acquaintances has to appear a person, corresponding to a desired image, the opportunity level that the attraction will be mutual is decreased too. The probability of a serious relationship decreases doubly, especially if your mutual friends have decided to bring you together intentionally. Quite unexpected meetings are more effective.

Mass events: weddings, birthdays, major parties

In these cases the purpose of your acquaintance can be different. In a romantic wedding atmosphere, under sounding of beautiful melodies, you have the opportunity to meet a person intentionally for serious relationship (the atmosphere itself disposes to it); while at parties everything can be ended with a banal petty love intrigue. Where is it possible to get acquainted if you go to public events? Really, you can find your destiny ANYWHERE!

But if at a party you will have not serious and unleash mood for a "gaiety", then hardly you will attract attention of a woman with serious intentions. That’s why the probability to meet a person in a noisy event is 80 percent; here, serious relationships can turn out even less, than in half of cases. Therefore, this variant for acquaintance will depend entirely on chosen style of your communication.

Acquaintances through the Internet

I have already mentioned from personal experience - it's quite real. I have few familiar couples, which had legalized their relationship after acquaintance like this. It is one of the most affordable and extensive dating places, where you may become acquainted with a girl easily. Of course, as in the street, you can also meet a lot of bad people online. The main thing here is not to open your heart to the first comer, and also do not trust to anyone. Just communicate, watch and analyze; however, do not be too suspicious! In general, a man, who more or less understands people, can distinguish a bad person without visual contact.

The probability of successful dating online is less than half of the existing contacts. Most of trying to get acquainted on the Internet is notorious and insecure people. Besides, there are many "pick up artists", which collect communications with the opposite sex as candy wrappers, and simply bullies. Nevertheless, among them also occur too busy decent persons, who simply have no time to search for a soul mate somewhere "among people".

The probability to legitimize your relationships after such dating consists about 30%. It is important, when meeting in the Internet, to use the opportunity to learn closer the inner world of a woman, without distracting on her external data. It helps to understand: what if this time the acquaintance is my fate! Those were the five dating variants, when meetings end the most successfully and further relations can develop in the marriage already. Good luck to you!