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Slavic and foreign husbands - who wins?

Recently, girls from Ukraine and Russia very often started to create families with foreigners. Every girl has her own reasons on conclusion of such marriage. But, before a woman can link her life with somebody, it is very important to be convinced for all hundred percent whether given man suits her or not. Some girl may feel comfortable with a temperamental man, but to another one he doesn't fit.

Features of mentality of foreign husbands

The first, which need to decide a woman, is what features of mentality exists in the country, where a man was born or where he lives. Any Slavic woman has to consider: if a man was born in one country, grew up in it, but for a long time has been living and working in another. In this case, she must consider features both one and the other country. Naturally, you would want to see only positive aspects; but still, you need to be realistic and focus on the negative sides so that not to be disappointed afterwards. You need to look at the situation soberly and understand that after long acquaintance people begin to show all their good and bad sides of character. In this case, a larger share of influence will have a mentality. To confirm these words, we present some examples for you.

The USA.

Indeed, America is beautiful; it’s beautiful for its open spaces. People, who live in America, are very few interested in other people - they have their own lives and own problems. Therefore, the Slavic women will unlikely encounter with a variety of American gossips. But, human mentality is quite different. The Ukrainian and Russian women are accustomed not to keep everything inside, but to tell all their joys and sorrows to their friends. On this reason, it may be hard for them get used to living in the Western countries. For example, if a husband of a Slavic girl is the American, it can be difficult for her to adapt to Western behavior norms.

If his friends will just ask, "How are you doing", it does not mean she must tell about all her family affairs. In fact, this interest is not really sincere; similar questions are asked only because of politeness. Becoming a wife of the American man, a Slavic lady should match the behavior of a real American woman. This implies to be helpful and polite in all circumstances, even if her mood isn’t very good or she is irritated. She should assimilate: the Americans can always be asked for help, because they never fail and will tell her where to go, where one or another place is. In Ukraine and Russia consider that the American men are very good fathers and are ready to provide three and even four children.

Therefore, you have to be ready to this. You have to be ready to lay a child, to bathe him, to feed, change clothes and entertain. In order to be successful with Slavic women you should know that their men refer to marriage with heavy responsibility. They are also serious in creating a family. In order to maintain a family, their men have to work a lot, so they get tired strongly. Keep all these in mind, if you wish to create a happy union with the Ukrainian or Russian lady. Also, if you want to marry a typical Slav and have in a strong family with her, you must understand that most their women prefer a quiet home, although it largely depends on temperament.

Italian men.

It is known that Italians are men, in which veins flows hot blood. Unlike Slavs, they are cooled not for long time and not very often. Residents of Italy try to save water very strongly. They prefer to take a fast easy shower, unlike full bathtubs which love Slav men. In the house of the Italian isn't accepted to wash the dishes under flowing water. For this purpose it is necessary to gather water in a sink at first, and then to wash in it all collected dishes. For Slavic men it isn't peculiar in general – they have much "broader" soul and they aren't so economical.

The Ukrainian men, unlike Russian ones, are much cleaner people. Therefore, you need to get used that a Slavic wife will try daily to clean, wipe dust, wash and vacuum. The Italians consider that a woman has to be economical and buy not too expensive food and clothes. The Slav men consider that expensive things are intended rather for foreigners. Hence, don’t be strongly surprised, if at the beginning of the relations your woman rejoices your expensive gifts; all the same, after a while, she will become much more modest in her desires.

That is, linking your fate with a Slav woman you will have, to some extent, to take in your account their traditions and lifestyle. In Italy there are a lot of different gossips, all discuss each other, but the information is very often untrue and a hundred times twisted. If the Slav becomes the Italian's wife, she will be as valuable as her husband will be financially secured, according to the social status. At the Slavs this status is much smaller significant – they are more focused on feelings.


If the Ukrainian or Russian lady will become the Englishman's wife, she will be able to get high quality things and all, necessary for life. A wife in England has to be good in housekeeping; she has to get all necessary for it. But a husband can become very angry, if he considers his wife had got many unnecessary things, though in this case the Slavic man is angry similarly. If the Ukrainian lady appears the bright, extravagant woman, who’s got used to colorful life with adventures, it will, most likely, be difficult for her to live in Great Britain. There, bright, defiant clothes, a loud make-up and extravagant hairstyles aren't perceived - everything has to be restrained.

On the contrary, in Ukraine men are much more opened and appreciate all color richness in world around. Men in England are gentlemen and very much value their honor; they don't offend animals, never raise a hand against a woman. But a woman has to know that a coat she will put on by herself and doors before her won't hurry to open too. Among Slavic men there are different in character people – and educated, and not very ones… If you have restrained manners and want to have a good hostess, as a wife, you’ll be easy to marry the Ukrainian or Russian lady.

Scandinavian countries.

Men, who were born in the Scandinavian countries, are something similar to Slavic ones. They possess such qualities as hospitality and goodwill. But, simultaneously they have a set of differences: the Scandinavian males are a little phlegmatic (if a woman is very temperamental, it’ll seem to be very boring to her). The Scandinavians have no soul width. The American man has to keep in mind this difference, if he wants to create a happy family with the Slavic girl.

For the Scandinavians is very important how a woman looks. They pay attention, first of all, namely to appearance – girls have to be well-groomed and beautiful. As for a family life – here it is not essentially. The Scandinavian husband can easily take a maternity leave and divide all homework with his wife. At the Slavic men such phenomenon meets infrequently – there it’s considered that a maternity leave exists only for women. At the Scandinavians equality is presented at everything: a woman has to earn approximately as much as her husband; that is, all duties share equally, while at the Slavs it is accepted that a man earned more.


If the Ukrainian or Russian woman marries the real German, she’ll learn that men of this country are a little peculiar. If there is such a situation that she will offer to her German man to have dinner at restaurant - he can ask who will pay for it, him or his girl. The Slavic lady will be amazed at such thing and accept her German guy as greedy; after all, for Slavic men such man’s behavior is considered simply shameful. For men, living in Germany, such behavior is absolutely normal. If you decided to create a family with the Slavic woman – surely consider these differences that your girl didn't take offense. In addition, Germans don't love people who are late - they are pedantic; namely for this reason the Ukrainian girls most often choose the Americans, as more open and benevolent people.


At Finns it is accepted that at restaurant everyone pays for himself. If a Slavic girl goes to somebody on a visit, she won't be able to make it spontaneously and unexpectedly. In Finland, it isn't accepted so; therefore, it’s necessary to warn about the visit in advance, while at Slavs often visit just simply so, even without invitation. Finns appreciate private life very much; they treat to it in a special way: even in public transport nobody can sit down by a girl - it is unacceptable for Slavs. Generally, the American man should acquire that Slavic men are more spontaneous and it is pleasant to their women.

How men treat women.

Men, who live in such countries as France, Italy, Finland, Australia and Israel, treat to women in the most aflutter way. If a girl loves animals and prefers them at home, the Dutch will well suit her, as in Holland it is traditional too. If a Slavic woman is not too punctual, she can have some malfunctions in the relations with British and Germans men. In this case she prefers the Italians because they are also unpunctual people and don’t see anything bad in it. The Australians and French are not angry if a woman is late.

It’s necessary to understand: each person has his own character and features. The nationality in big degree is capable to affect man’s behavior, his environment and a family. So, if you live in the USA or any other country and belong to one or another nationality, you should pay attention to all the above national characters (and especially on characters of the Slavic men) in order to create a truly happy relationship with your Ukrainian or Russian lady.