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What problems can face Ukrainian women who have foreign husbands.

Get acquainted with a foreigner, not to live in poverty and not with ugly chiefs, but among palm trees and exotic... To go to live abroad - almost each Ukrainian girl used to dream of it at least once. Unfortunately, marriage with a foreigner not always appears the fairy tale. It also is a foreign language, foreign traditions and foreign people. You can only imagine how much it is difficult for these girls at the beginning. With the current abundance of dating sites to marry a Ukrainian woman is not too difficult. But you’ll have to live not only with the beloved, but also with her cultural and language differences.


The first problem is language. You should not flatter yourself with the hope that you’ll easily be able to overcome this unfortunate barrier. In order to live together, your girl will have to learn English, and it's not easy.


The second problem is friends. You for certain will have friends, but your woman? Whether it will be easy for her to find friends among people from absolutely other culture? Perhaps, you’re lucky, and she’ll easily adapt to a new environment. Consider that you’ll also have change your lifestyle and to help your Ukrainian wife to find herself in new life.

Law and tradition

The third problem is the law and tradition. Maybe you've read about the unimaginable laws of different countries. Besides, each country has its own customs. If you break one of them - your girl may take offense.


The fourth problem is locality. You know where to go, how not to mix the museum with shop, where do buses go to and how to ask about it, but your Ukrainian wife - no! It will be very good, if you assume a role of her guide, teaching your woman to everything, like a child.


The fifth problem is work. Practice shows that housewives best of all get used abroad. If she wants to work, certain difficulties will surely occur: to learn language, to confirm education and to be accustomed to a profession (for certain not the most prestigious one). All these problems have one unpleasant consequence: you’ll have to be a teacher for your wife in practically everything.

Simply at the beginning she won’t have even to talk to anybody, besides you; also without you she’ll hardly go outside, until she get used to your city yet. Of course, if you are rather patient and will love your Ukrainian lady sincerely - it won’t be so difficult to overcome all these difficulties. So, try not to make serious decisions without having thought. Are you ready to accept your Ukrainian wife, ready to teach her to everything, as if a child? Then - welcome!