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Marriage with the Ukrainian woman.

Today, in Ukraine and Russia there are many international marriage agencies, whose purpose are acquaintances of foreign men to Russians and Ukrainian girls and women. Popularity of such services grows from year to year, because of growing of interest in Slavic women among foreign men takes place. Choosing a bride from the Slavic girls, living in the territories of Russian or Ukrainian cities, it is necessary to consider features of Slavic national character. Of course, it’s actual, if a man is aimed at the full-fledged family relations, but not at short-term flirtation. As any man, a foreigner is attracted by female beauty, first of all.

The Ukrainian and Russian women are really very attractive; they like to watch their appearance and will always delight the eyes of their beloved. Besides, the Russian and Ukrainian girls are aimed at a family. The majority of them don't consider career as the main achievement in their life. Feminism significantly less penetrated into minds of their women, particularly in provincial towns. Despite some common features of the Slavic national character, women, living in different cities and settlements of Ukraine, differ from each other in degree of their education, freedom, temperament, characteristic habits, tastes, traditions, a manner of behavior, and even in appearance.

Therefore, having arrived, for example, to Kyiv or Kharkiv for the purpose of acquaintance, you will meet a modern European woman, business, intelligently educated. The same type is characteristic to girls from other Ukrainian cities. In separate category it is possible to refer the southern temperament of the Odessa women — here are both sharp mind, and hot beauty, and emotionality. Women in the western part of Ukraine largely embody Ukrainian national features: domesticity, ability to cook well, hospitality and generosity.

Such Ukrainian cities as Mykolaiv, Kherson may be safely possible to call "the cities of brides": here girls aren't so spoiled – they’re sincere and kind. For Kharkiv is peculiar mixture of the Russian and Ukrainian characters. It can be shown in arrangement of home life or culinary abilities. When looking for the Slavic wife or simply bride, be ready that all women are different, but each of them dreams to meet true love for the rest of her life and have a careful husband.