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Why do people need marriage agencies?

Everyone can often hear the question, whether marriage agencies are needed at all. Actually, no doubt, they are necessary for those people that never knew the marriage happiness or were already disappointed in this enterprise - for divorced people. Despite the fact that women are seeking agency services much more frequently, this fact does NOT mean men have less reasons to turn to a civilization invention like marriage agency. This especially includes people, who used to be on the safe side and not act on the principle of "where the curve will".

In everyday life it could be hard for women to see good human qualities of a man with the growth about 160 cm. Happens, a child interferes some men in considering of a woman’s beauty and pleasant tenderness. Just agency solves this problem successfully, helping people in recognition of the unique and rich person’s inner world. In addition, life has proved that agency is a great assistant in searching of a wife for very wealthy men, carrying at work all day and having no time for Dating with women. Very often these men even have no idea where is it possible to find a wife in general.

Indeed, in the very morning - to the car, all day - at work, in the late evening - the car again. For these men a problem of getting acquainted with a potential wife becomes a very real one. Requirements for a future wife and mother of children have not changed since ancient times. Still, the main clients of agencies are women. In relation to age there are 2 predominant women’s groups: 20-25 (still have not been married); 35-42 (usually divorced) years old. Oddly enough, but our compatriots have more opportunities for marriage with foreign nationals than Russian ones.

It’s unlikely that in this country the quantity of unmarried women far exceeds the number of single men. Most likely, the fact is that women are more active in relation to their personal life. It is more difficult for them to realize themselves in any profession, pushing the need for family into the background. Perhaps women turn to an agency easier, because they are rather more active in this than men and not so sensitive about the fact "what anybody does thought about them". As practice shows, men turn to such organizations when they come to despair because of the unsettled personal life, or at the Western approach to marriage - atypical for the majority of Russian citizens.

Such approach allows using specialized dating services and being active in searching for a future wife in general. Once, when we showed the catalog of our girls in America, the Americans did not believe us. How, such beauty? We managed to convince them with barely that our women are really so beautiful, and it's not an optical illusion. However, we can’t draw any definite portrait of women, applying to a marriage agency. Often there come such clients - the real stars: beautiful, slim, smart; PhD, knowing more than one language. Also come divorced mothers: groomed and confident; come both very wealthy clients and middle-class people. We also have not noticed certain preferences by countries.

Why women look for a partner abroad?

Today, Ukrainian society’s woman is absolutely unprotected from the point of view of social guarantees, especially a woman with a child. Economic problems of this country, on the whole, affect the real fates of real people, unfortunately, more often in a very sad way. Most of Ukrainian modern men (potential fathers or actual ones) are completely unable to provide no themselves, nor their wives and children. They stopped to appreciate women and the real, deep family relationships. That minority of Ukrainian men (who were able to achieve something in their life) has a mass of admirers and therefore is absolutely not configured to build normal, healthy relationships.

The social policy of Ukraine does not encourage their men to the creation of a complete family. Most often they do not want to get married, do not want to take responsibility, or (in an extreme case), they simply cannot. What, in such a situation, has to do a woman? Where to look for support and stability? How not to look in the direction of Western, English-language countries, where people from their childhood have been inspired that the family is the main value; where the state and society throughout life pushes a man to creation of a society unit.

Each woman, entering the search path of the groom abroad, does it on her own individual reasons. Despite on some diversity of such reasons, they typically include the following:

An insufficient number of marriageable men

And once again - be yourself. If you're so, then nobody has the right to change you. Only few girls are able to write letters on the Internet well, and even fewer likes to do it. Therefore there’s no sense to delay a first date, even if you know what to write to a girl. Ask the girl’s phone (first, give yours), call and talk with her. During one telephone conversation you can learn more, than after a month writing of notes.

Bad habits

Unfortunately, Ukrainian men have some bad habits, such as alcohol. Of course, in other countries this problem exists too, but it is much weaker there. Some of their men, in addition to drinking, have other unattractive traits: laziness, betrayals, moral shortcomings, due to which women say that "their men are horrible". Although, of course, far not all Ukrainian men are so - many of them are quite successful and growing rapidly.

The economic situation in the country

Of course, Ukrainian standard of living is different from Western one. Sometimes it seems heroism that women there still give birth! And they want peace, stability and comfort, because life is just one.

Types of dating agencies

All these agencies may be divided into several types:


An agency charges a fee for all its services. A marriage agency usually offers clients services, limited on time (6 months, 1 year) or unlimited membership. So, in the latter a woman is deemed to be a customer a person is considered to be an agency customer, while she (he) won’t marry. An agency places client’s information on its website (if it’s available); sends data to various foreign "friendly" agencies and provides a client all access to male (female) directories. Besides, agencies assist to translate e-mail and other correspondence. If it’s possible, such agency arranges marriage suitors tours for their clients.


Such agencies are organized according to the type of club itself; they also represent free information in newspapers and other places. A club agency allows a client to specify your data on the agency's site for free. All agencies do not publish their client’s addresses, just sending letters or providing e-mail anonymously.

Besides, such agencies usually do not make selection of information; they seldom work only with a certain country. They prefer to attract as many customers as it’s possible and publish all the data. In order to send a letter to a client, a man must have "membership", paying a membership fee (its value ranges: it usually is 10-35 doll. per month). With such membership everyone may send e-mails to other members of his club.

What services do agencies offer?

Among the main services of all agencies, important ones are the following:

  • placement of clients’ questionnaires on a website
  • placement of clients’ profiles in vast databases of friendly agencies
  • e-mail services, working with letters
  • search for girls on applications of Western agencies
  • organization of support for coming grooms
  • organizing evening meeting with suitors
  • organization of wedding travels
  • services of an interpreter, photographer and lawyer

The good marriage service always gives to its clients the so-called "certain chance". It consists in providing a consultation by agency, offering the answer to an important question: how will marriage on the foreigner be real namely for you? Despite the fact that men have very different chances, practice shows that everyone, who wants to get married with a Ukrainian girl, be sure to do the trick. The main thing is that the man knew exactly what he wants. It often happens that a woman just need attention, after receiving a certain number of letters (together with a certain proportion of male attention) – simply leaves away.

It happens that a woman is not ready to change her life in such a radical way, marring a foreigner. And after a year of successful correspondence she suddenly throws this venture. It happens, a woman (in parallel with the search for a husband), believing in herself, meets his love in the Internet and it can be YOU. It is possible to say with a high degree of confidence that any client, addressed to our agency, always gets what he wants. It should be noted that in a good agency to determine your desires helps a professional psychologist, escorting a client from the beginning and up to the point, where he leaves the agency.

In addition to the desires, a psychologist helps to identify with candidates, professionally analyzing your writing. He pays attention to the subtle for ordinary eye stuffs (and even more so in pink glasses of hope!). In addition, greatly facilitates communication and, therefore, increases your chances knowledge of foreign languages. Many marriage agencies pay special attention to the language skills and the ability to use quick contact with you: phone, e-mail or fax. These moments are no longer insignificant when it comes to hundreds of kilometers.


A person, addressed to our agency (whether man or woman), provides information about himself: the real age, marital status and passport details. These measures are necessary to ensure the safety of customers, as well as to avoid unforeseen situations. For example, to a dating agency can refer a married man, hiding his marital status. He can look for a future spouse or permanent mistress, leaving open the possibility of returning to the family. Suppose this man would find the suitable woman and they start dating. What will happen to her, seeking marriage, when she will learn that the "groom" is married! In order to protect the customers from such situations, a marriage agency is obliged to work only with unmarried clients.

Of course, it also works with the so-called "divorce category" or men that are in the process of divorce (provided that this fact is not hidden). Usually reliable agencies also need photos that really reflect the appearance of the applicant, a brief description of his main features and wishes for the desired partner. On the basis of these materials they prepare a resume. The collection of all resumes compiling a database of a marriage agency. Information about the place of work, home address and telephone number are not made in your resume. This is done in order to protect customers from unwanted calls and visits.

For example, some man was interested in a resume of some woman, but she does not tempted by the prospect of acquaintance with this man. For instance, she doesn’t like full or redhead people. But a man can be persistent and not every woman is able to repel the importunate suitor. To insure customers from such situations, an agency takes on the role of mediation in the introduction. Before giving the coordinates of women (or men), it must obtain the consent of the selected side.