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How to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet

At the very beginning of our article we want to warn you that you didn't pay attention to announcements like "High harmonious blond with a big breast wants sex" – it’s useless. This means that either they want to cheat you, or it’s just an advertising of "stash", or even just a stupid joke.

How will be correct to respond to a girl’s acquaintance announcement?

Learn to feel a person, to determine her true purposes by sense of a letter. The most important thing in getting acquainted through the Internet is to know what to write to a girl.

Try to conform to several rules:

  • Do not write: "I don't know what to write; tell about you and ask questions". In this way you admit your weakness and shift responsibility for acquaintance to the girl. And why to it her?
  • Your letter has to express your essence; you’d know what to ask a girl. If you are the impassable romantic, then the words, "Hey, girl let’s go get acquainted!" are not for you. The return is right too.
  • Describing yourself, tell only the truth. Describe even your negative qualities – not too in detail, of course, but more or less. Let better you will be deceived now, than then.
  • Be guided by a girl’s announcement. What did she want to receive in response to her announcement; what to write to the girl?
  • Do not be afraid of your thoughts! These are your thoughts and they express your essence! Of course, you needn’t a girl who can't suffer your thoughts!
  • Be original! Imagine what letters she’d received in response to her ad, and write ANOTHER letter. Once I had a big affair with the girl, whom I got acquainted on the Internet. It began with her announcement: "I’m looking for the friend (for a start)". I answered her with a letter, in which declared: " Well, what a bullshit: all girls look for friends and all young people for girls! Let's get acquainted, I’m such, such…" And it had worked!

The most certain way to recognize the interlocutor

Create three e-mails boxes, for example: bad@, and Write from every of them different letters:

1. From the first as if it is written by a person with the vilest (at your look) traits of character.

2. From the second box – about your real character (a letter from yourself).

3. From the third one - as a person with the best qualities. However, in all cases use special tactics of the letters.

Some "writing secrets" of love letters

Write NOT in a pitiful way, but so that it was impossible for her to refuse responding on your letter. Then, you need minimum knowledge in psychology and a little of intuition to analyze answers to the letters, to understand what to ask from the girl and recognize about 30 percents of the person. If all three answers will be identical – relinquish the object at once. You can try to write in the same way still few times, but don't go in cycles in virtual communication. Eventually, it’s an article on how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet, but not how to be online all the time.

What to do now?

And once again - be yourself. If you're so, then nobody has the right to change you. Only few girls are able to write letters on the Internet well, and even fewer likes to do it. Therefore there’s no sense to delay a first date, even if you know what to write to a girl. Ask the girl’s phone (first, give yours), call and talk with her. During one telephone conversation you can learn more, than after a month writing of notes.

If already from telephone conversation you’ve understood that you should "stop" - it’s better to tell this at the very beginning. Me, for example, don't digest the smoking girls, and how many I used to try to enter into any relations with them – I got (unconsciously for myself) irritated, my mood spoiled and everything came to an end. You won't deceive yourself: if a girl isn't pleasant to you, it’s better to say about it at once (certainly, in a soft form!) and then not to be sorry about it.

And here, you’re already going for date

A date, after getting acquainted with a girl on a dating site, is a very interesting thing. You used to talk with a person, but didn't see her. You are pleasant to her and she likes you too. And now you are going for a date. This appointment doesn't mean the beginning of any relations at all. Some hours of this date will help you to see negative and merits of each other. Therefore, while the getting is good, be natural!

Do not be afraid to break off

Remember that this article is for those, who really want to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet, but not "to play in the introduction". Therefore - be not afraid of fiascos and also don't lose optimism. Process of my acquaintance lasted for 2 months, I’d written more than 50 letters, went to 9 dates. I got a small two-week love story which was the girl's mistake (she just didn’t saw my negative qualities).

Before writing this text I made nearly all mistakes, described in it. To get rid of fear before acquaintance with a beautiful girl forever, learn to interest and tempt any girl at most for three appointments; sign up for training of interpersonal communication. The modesty doesn't decorate a man, he’s decorated by confidence! Just become more self-assured and everything will be okay!