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The modern ideal man from the point of view of a man and a woman

Most men think that every woman dreams about partner with a muscular torso and relief muscles of hands and feet. But this is an absolute delusion. Of course, women like men with broad shoulders, but the most important thing for women all around the world - issued elastic back. Why? According to physiologists, the gluteus muscles allow carrying out a strong direct attack during the sexual intercourse, which increases the chances of fertilization. This, certainly, can be considered as an important indicator of sexuality. What else? Let’s see:

High relations

Women like tall big men. Why? Firstly, in the women’s subconscious since primitive times has been remained the setting: a large male - best earner. Secondly, people become higher every year (in the last 50 years the average growth has been increased by 8 centimeters. According to forecasts, in the next 50 years we will grow another 5 inches). From the evolutionary point of view, the higher people are as if more progressive, and (according to psychologists) ladies are always eager to have posterity from improved more perfect males.

Thick or thin

Modern women choose not a skinny runner on long distances and not a sumo wrestler, but a man of average fatness! A large-scale study, conducted in Germany, showed that a trained body without an ounce of fat attracts only 15% of women. And 69% admitted that "a small abdomen radiates a certain physical attractiveness". Why? Physiologists say that in blood of well-fed men estrogen level is increased - within reasonable limits it protects against cardiovascular disease, because estrogen prevents formation of blood clots.

A man with a small belly will live longer than his lean peers - that's why women choose plump partners! But only small completeness brings good; but when weight exceeds the ideal (your growth minus 100) by 15% - sexual inhibition occurs, develops shortness of breath and joint pains.

Hairiness and temperament

According to a survey of the British magazine "Eva", 7% of women love strongly overgrown male breast and 54% prefer average hairiness. Wherein, 89% of women against men depilated breast hairs by means of depilation. Why? According to sexologists, chest hairs play the role of a sex stimulant, gently arousing during intercourse sensitive woman’s skin.

Bald macho

It is believed that hair loss is due to increased production of male hormones. But another cause of man's baldness can also be hyper sensibility of hair follicles: normal hormone level they perceive as excessive. Therefore, bald head is not always associated with a hormonal background.

Now we suggest considering in detail what standards of man's beauty adhere men and women:

A man's etalon from the male point of view

  • Muscular torso - 21%
  • Muscular arms - 18%
  • Big penis - 15%
  • High growth - 13%
  • Slenderness - 10%
  • Other - 23%

A man's etalon from the female point of view

  • Buttocks - 39%
  • High growth - 11%
  • Fatness - 11%
  • Hairy breast - 7%
  • Slenderness - 5%
  • Other - 27%

By the way, the size of genital organ in the ranking of women's preferences is in last place. Accept to attention all data, received in this article, and be happy!