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Religion in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, religion takes a special place. Most of Ukraine citizens believe in God and observe church traditions. Today, in Ukraine there is no official statistics about religious associations. Under the law, religious associations aren't subject of state registration. Respectively, the religion in Ukraine has free character and we can judge about confessional self-identification of Ukraine citizens only on sociological polls of the population.

The most widespread religion in Ukraine is orthodox Christianity - nearly 76% of believers adhere to it. Besides, such faiths as Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Buddhism, Adventism, and Lutheranism are extended to territories of the country. Besides, there are Ukrainians, who consider themselves as believers, but don't belong to any concrete faith.

The state religion of Ukraine.

The main Ukrainian religion can be considered Christianity (as it has already mentioned) Christianity (Orthodox Christians, Greek-Catholic, rime-Catholic). From 50 million people, about 70% call themselves believers. In spite of the fact that the state religion of Ukraine is Christianity, there also are the Armenian-Gregorian, Judaic and Muslim communities. In recent years increased influence of the Protestant churches, which are engaged in missionary activity.

Today, religion in Ukraine is presented by 5 main Christian churches: the Ukrainian Orthodox that belongs to Moscow Patriarchy (УПЦ - МП), the Ukrainian Orthodox that belongs to Kyiv Patriarchy (УПЦ - КП), the Autocephalous Orthodox (УАПЦ), the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church (УГКЦ) and the Roman Catholic Church (РКЦ). Relationships between them are sometimes difficult, full of disagreements and contradictions, which have political character and are rooted in the distant past.

Place of religious faith in Ukrainian life.

On the Ukraine territory live representatives of many nationalities. Despite this, the key religion in Ukraine is Christianity, which is presented by 3 faiths: Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Protestantism. Besides, in a less degree such religion in Ukraine, as Judaism and Islam has received distribution. The religion in Ukraine takes a large place in life. Many people regularly visit temples, pray, adhere to church customs and holidays.

The bulk of temples and churches belong to the Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy). These temples are famous for unusual beauty and grandeur. About 63% of orthodox Christians of Ukraine rank themselves as its arrivals. The second for its influence is recognized the Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchy), moreover – the Autocephalous Orthodox one.

Certainly, for the last year there were enormous social and economic shocks in Ukraine. There is a war, launched by Russia; therefore, the Moscow Patriarchy promptly loses the influence on people’s minds. Very many parishioners of the Moscow Patriarchy’s churches simply don't want to go to those temples any more, preferring to visit churches of the Kyiv Patriarchy.