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Ukrainian woman in modern society

For many centuries the main purpose of the fine half of mankind was procreation. A woman acted only as the keeper of a home, whereas all types of contact with the outside world were assumed by a man. It, naturally, granted to him the right to consider a woman much more below him on the status and to treat her accordingly. But presently technological progress, discoveries and feminism cardinally changed the situation. The woman in modern Ukrainian society has absolutely other status and calling; she has other values and requirements, which force to reconsider views of a female role in today's world.

The current status of a Ukrainian woman

As already mentioned, the role of women in today's Ukrainian society is not limited to performing household chores, caring for children, their education and service to a legitimate spouse. Now this position is considered obsolete and women, still choosing it, are perceived as supporters of conservative beliefs that almost willingly give themselves into slavery to a man. Actually, such approach in concrete situations is wrong, if a woman sees her calling in preservation of family values and doesn't seek to separate her own achievements from the spouse’s progress.

After all, the embodiment of personal ambitions, career growth and the status of independence at least in the financial plan seduce not everyone even to this day. Many women don't make these criteria a goal in itself, preferring to fully serve the family. But here stands the other extreme, since the position of the Ukrainian woman in modern society is considered not only as the housewife, the faithful wife and good mother. It often turns out that the native people of a girl (and first of all her parents) from teenage age inspire in her that the main thing in life is not a strong family, but a steady social status.

Therefore, before devoting herself to marriage, a Ukrainian woman needs to stand firmly on their feet and be independent in the financial plan. House, husband and children – all this will be in time, but the career is necessary to be done as soon as possible! As arguments in this matter act the warning that if suddenly the spouse will leave a family, if children remain without father, if there will happen something terrible else - a woman has to be ready to it. Actually position of a woman in Ukrainian society assumes similar fears, after all today divorce isn't considered there as something reprehensible or catastrophic.

So, the probability of conjugal ties destruction grows every year: people become more categorical and often don't wish to suffer even the slightest inconveniences in their marriage union. It turns out that the woman's task in the modern Ukrainian society is (first of all) - achievement of progress in work, career growth, material independence and only then the status of a wife and mother. Thus, there is a so-called revaluation of values that, in its turn, leads to rethinking of family values and matrimonial relations in life of the weaker sex.

Main categories of Ukrainian women

Due to the fact that the social role of women in modern Ukrainian society in recent decades has undergone radical changes, of course, also change statuses of women in the current reality. Thus, psychologists today are inclined to consider the following main categories of Ukrainian women:

  • Leaders
  • Careerists
  • Housewives
  • Owners of free professions

Women-leaders on traits of their character remind men in many respects: they are purposeful, sure of own forces and achieve everything independently, without hoping for someone's help. Self-realization is a main goal of careerists, who on the first place always put work and achievement of progress in their career. Only after such results they are able to afford themselves to reflect on creation of a family and planning of children. The status of those women in modern Ukrainian society, who chose a role of a housewife, as a rule, is considered not from the best party today.

Of course, in some cases a woman is quite happy to act only as keeper of the home repository and a faithful companion of her husband. But often this choice is caused by such properties of husband’s character as egoism, possessiveness, jealousy, etc. As for free professions (actresses, artists, journalists and poetesses), most often are too keen on their work. They shouldn't be confused to careerists, since for them is important not career growth, but the opportunity to do a favorite thing. It often stands for them on the first place, whereas the family fades into the background.

Problems of the Ukrainian women and global tendencies

Changes of the status and role of Ukrainians inevitably conduct to a number of women’s problems in that country. Perhaps, the most important of them, on this background, acts the role of a man. That is, we can tell: most of the women, arguing on gender equality, badly represent its consequences. After all, on the one hand, Ukrainians want to have equal rights with the man's population, but from another (in specific questions) to remain the weaker sex. But, if we speak about original equality, women have to be ready that a man is not a defender, getter and responsible for everything in a family at all.

In this case, among problems of Ukrainians women appears development of "weakness" of the beloved man. He ceases to be a woman’s mainstay and support, and his role begins to resemble in her life function of a close girlfriend. Besides, women-careerists have to exist in quite severe conditions of a survival in the working sphere. But, they choose such status themselves; therefore, they’re gradually reconciling that compete with men on an equal terms.

There is one more problem of a woman in modern Ukrainian society – loss of such important quality as femininity. It is fraught both problems in private life and psychological discomfort. After all, a woman, who doesn't possess truly female qualities, can't become the full-fledged spouse for her husband and mother for their future children. You shouldn't think that such problems exist only at the Ukrainian women. No! These are universal social tendencies, and Ukraine simply endures them, as well as all other countries.