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Fighting fire with fire is like having much time to date but indeed less than many years before. Technical progress accomplishes our life via communication means, neglecting the distance between interlocutors, so today people use online opportunities much more. And the loneliness is the problem number one, people pretend to have their life social but indeed they feel lonely. But are afraid to confess.

Dating nowadays means not going out, but catch each other on some dating websites or using dating apps. You need only a few minutes to download an app or to create an account on a website to start dating.

So being a member of a dating site means meeting someone online, but not in real life. There are lots of advantages and one the most important - you hide your anxiety, uncertainty, less of experience and etc. No one knew you previously, besides you can start with email at first. In most cases people prefer typing the text instead speaking in live mode. Till they feel confident in future contact.

Let us speak about international dating. As a rule men from Western Europe, the United States of America or United Kingdom and etc. use international dating services who offer communication with Russian and Ukrainian women. Everyone knows women from that part of the world are family-oriented so except they are beautiful and smart they can be good wives. Is the situation the same within scam dating problem appeared?

Scam began with Nigerian and Malaysian dating sites and lately covered other Eastern parts of the world. Scammers started with emails but lately they included phone calls, video chats, live messages, photo and video files exchanging, pretending to have real and stable relationship till the victim will be required for a money by her soulmate.

Scam dating websites generate fake online profiles with fake stolen photos of beautiful women to lure adult and noble men from social media websites to dating websites. This is how we call romance scam. Usually employees are aimed to sell website services as much as possible so the only way to contact a lady they offer is to purchase services on non-free dating website.

Dating scammers spend for months and even years to prepare clients to turn into real victim. When ready they require for a certain amount and if the hook is taken properly and the money is sent, as a rule one can find no soulmate and no money.

Scam dating caused customer attrition on international dating platforms. People are afraid to sign up on some dating site with shadowy reputation and share their personal information as somehow it will be stolen and used for further commercial purposes. They do not trust! For example, in case of using private mailbox of the private email address there is a big risk of phishing and fraud as well. Indicating your email address will cause inflow of intimate luring messages to your mailbox from “ladies” who are in love with you from the first sight. Having a separate address for private mailing is recommended.

Even if you try non-free dating sites no one will give you a 100% defense from fake online profiles, they are created for thousands of copies for related websites. Pictures of beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women are stolen by dating scammers and used for such profiles as well as their personal information, so if you think you communicate with one good lady, you have to be convinced that she is real.

Truthful facts from real profiles catch a man’s attention, so be sure, they believe in real dating in future with a real person. But dating scammer acts carefully, using details and sharing personal life story, that is why people accept such attitude like a normal relationship and have no idea about being scammed in the end.

Social media used to scare their members from skipping and promise firm antiscam and antifraud system to protect their customers from being tricked. But actually people keep signing up and registering on different social and dating websites to escape from loneliness. that is why romance scam takes the top position of the world cyber crime.

Many powerful dating agencies confuse their consumers by positive reviews they made by themselves. That is why desperate men still cannot rely on any of big international dating websites. Is any solution here?

Indeed yes. Now we want to give you several certain advices how to avoid dating scam everywhere, how to forbid someone to make you a cyber dating fool.

Our solution was to investigate the dating business platforms on the base of two big international dating websites: and

One of the most important advantage they offer is communication with real single women from Ukraine and Russia.

  • The site is accessible through a secure protocol.

    Check for their websites addresses for secure hypertext transfer protocol encryption, see the secure mark on the left next to http and website address. You are able to use this website, it is secure for your personal data. Besides there is no spam threat and info stealing. Your information is saved on the server and you are able to ask for a correspondence details in case of specific investigation. Thus the third party is really good for making such things, really. So be sure and have safe addresses and system for use and your private details will not be used for any other purposes.
  • No spam after registering on the dating site.

    Your mailbox will be safe and clear with no spam, if the regular mailing of the agency will disturb you deeply you may unsubscribe immediately.
  • Your personal email address is not used for cummonucation with other users.

    You will have a separate secure mailbox for dating mails, that means your personal email address will not be used for regular letters from the agency. The content of every email is seen by you and your lady and of course the translator who provides you with the best detailed translation.
  • No paid monthly membership?

    You are able to choose the appropriate membership option. Each website has a different system of membership so you have a lot to choose. Have a look at Try Gold or Platinum or Ultimate membership packages with eh fixed price for each. The first one gives you up to 50 contacts for unlimited chats, messages and videos, the other one gives no limits for services and the last one allows 5 female profiles to verify with manual and video coaching. Also you may buy services separately for one contact if you have already chosen the lady you like most. Packages are good for making a small discount, anyway, you will have some dollars in safe if billed in one installment. gives protection of their customers from scammers and they do not limit your personal information sharing, read on the main page of the website: You are welcome to share your contact information. Platinum and Ultimate packages also allow you to instantly download direct emails addresses and phone numbers of women. However we do not recommend you to do that as this can turn to phishing tricks or scam attempts.
  • No fixed monthly payment. Try out services for free. does not give any fixed price for monthly membership, they simply do not sue such a model. They offer you a free registration. And some services for free to try: email credit, photo credit and 5 minutes of video chat. But as a rule all communication services are fee paid. Advantage: you have all programs working good, urgent email translation, good video chat program with a webcam. Disadvantage: all services are non-free. And the pricing is little bit higher: $7. But! You are able to send one letter for free to a girl you never send letters at all. This works as one letter per day only. Indeed bonuses during registration makes you feel confident of your trial period, you will decide if this websites suits you well. Follow this link for more information about the prices:
  • Personal contact information exchange is prohibited.

    Mailbox systems of both dating sites are promised to be safe so your content is protected. However we warn you about sharing personal contacts through the correspondence. Elenasmodels gives a permission to do that within premium membership package and uadreams prohibit to do that till the first meeting in the agency avoiding scam tricks.
  • Verification and confirmation of user profiles data.

    We understood that women are real. But we cannot be convinced if they are single, but you may verify their existence by video chat service, this is the only way to check if you speak with a real woman. Uadreams emphasize that they verify all candidates before confirmation. If there is a lack of any document or if a woman does not come to the interview they do not activate the profile. Elenasmodels offer to verify 5 profiles if you purchase ultimate membership set.
  • Customer support is available to resolve controversial issues.

    Customer support is ready to assist you to any issue aroused. Uadreams is available on skype, we checked. So if you need to investigate any doubtful issue, these guys will uncover all copies from the server. This is a good decision to prove anything about scam attempt, data is not removed, keep that in mind.

Remember that data protection is the first thing you have to think instead of jumping into the field of lovely photos. Always check the http website before joining, read reviews, analyse, try to use bonuses if started, do not spend lots of money, try to communicate with several ladies to see if the scammers use letters samples and letters are similar. Pay attention to the details, names and places. Ask questions. Continue live conversations, see emotional base of your interlocutor.

Sure most ladies could work as a staff, they can receive a salary for their marvelous work of luring Western men to their international dating sites. This is the one side of the problem. The other one is the fear of females, who suffered from foreign men who never came. They promised to visit, they kept the contact but no chances to see in real life, that is why women should defend themselves as well.

In this case if you want someone to trust you you need to have serious intentions and be interested in a person, to know her or him, to accept will all specificities. But always keep the fresh mind, never send money to someone you know only online. Most cases still are left uncovered as it is almost impossible to follow the scammer: a crime is covered up immediately and people are afraid to confess and to report.

Keep in mind that no one else but you can protect you from romance scam. If you have your head on your shoulders, everything’s gonna be alright.