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10 steps to avoid dating scam

Look at you! If you are happy with your beloved and you have found each other through the internet - your are lucky, guys. A real gift is when it happened and misfortune for others when their search ends with great loss. Loss of money and hope. Psychologically aftermaths go deeper and ruin fates. If you realize the danger of internet scam you should be ready to prevent yourself from. We want you to try to denote and understand the main pronciples of scam sotuations to be aware of them and keep yourself in control.

1. Bring to notice.

Right from the start of your online communication with someone focus on messages and notice where they come from and what do people text in it. If someone does not answer your questions in particular, or you receive a letters samples, be careful with scam artist acquaintance.

Scam artist use typical general form of address, they just change names by saving their working time. Remember: if your specific questions are still ignored, most probably you have a deal with a scammer. A smart one and intelligent, who gets the necessary information by browsing other dating websites and the easiest way for them to compose a profile - copy and paste the data of other user. Get rid of your interlocutor asap.

  • Pay attention to the language. Bad variant of English with lots of mistakes give you the proper sign to be cautious. It is better to know more information about this member. As a matter of fact, great part of world scam comes from third world countries. Use your language knowledge to check the spelling and grammar, and your skills will help you with detecting the extra letter in the world.
  • Like when someone introduces himself: “Hello, I am Peter by name” instead of “My name is Peter”. I don’t think that this person is from Great Britain. However this is not a direct command but just a sign to focus on. There are many Eastern countries representatives who may mix words and letters and sense as well.
  • Get ready to find some wrong names in letters. If scam artists use generic letters they definitely may mix you up with another member, so if you find any mismatch, again find the sign to worry. If a scammer is in a hurry he would definitely make some mistakes in details, time difference, descriptions, telling the same things twice and etc. More often some intrigued stories that happent to some people are less like the true as well as great desire to share the intimate past with a stranger.

2. A profile picture analysis.

Look at it carefully and examine if you may put together the information about person described about himself with a picture. If the image is too attractive - this is a maneuvre to catch someone’s eye, good. But what you get - a truthful lie or a false truth? You cannot be sure if this man is really young in his 57 but the picture shows only 35.

If there is only one photo is the profile, ask for another one. And the most convenient way is to forward an immediate “selfie”. Thus, you are to be expected some from photos collecting or a real picture. In order to identify if a photo is real, use Google recognition option or TinEye extension. The programs will help you to detect a picture used in scam purposes. Use your Chrome Browser for search engines.

3. Browse the internet to identify the person you commmunicate with.

If you compare the information member indicated with that one you have found- that’s really good. Or just verify with VK, FB, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • If you search someone by his name and second name you will get thousands of people as a result,so possible it is better to add profession, interests, education or work place, telephone number, anything except general information. Specific items will show you how fast you can find.
  • Be ready to check the profile of a member if he tells you that he was a government employer or a military man. The photos of people in special uniform will never help (one can download them from the internet and convince you that they are real). Verify the country he is from and contact the military forces to indicate the data carefully.
  • Check the place the person you contact with and receive messages from. Is the place he indicated the same as you verified by IP-address? You can send letter from each part of the world however you can check ansd compare as well.
  • If you communicate with a foreigner, be attentive with the origin. If you have a deal with Malaysia or Nigeria - this is an issue of extreme attention. As we know, those coutries are considered to be third world couuntries and ready for scam business: men and women. However they would convince you in their business or charity purposes in Africa.
  • Spend your time with verifying the political situation of the country (if still African continent is mentioned) - if there is any civil war or any hard diseas outbreak. Such circumstances involve young people to criminal business as they escape from their native place and have to survive. And big caution for any letters tellung about inharitance and transferring by Western Union or using your bank account for money transferring!

4. Stop thinking about relationships when you were asked for any financial help.

This is definitely a smell of a scam and no need to reconsider it if you’ve never seen this person. Nowadays it is a greak risk to transfer money to a “pen-friend”, let us say very expensice.

If you haven’t informed about the reason of being strapped for cash, this is a bad sign. And if you try to denote what your beloved needs such a great sum of money for, supposedly you will be involved in overwhelming story and each event would shock you and at least scammers will atack you with the desperate appeal. Don’t give up. You can refuse and save your time and relationship.

Guard against begging appeals or threatening as a reaction of your rejection. Love would never cause such an attitude. This is a money fever.

5. Run away if you notice any small signs of scam.

Watch out and stay away - this is the most important rule of the struggle with dating scam. If you intend to any confromtation - you can never know how this will end as well as you don;t know how many people are involved in scam teams. Besides they would change their tactics and side position and suddenly may apologize for doing this. Therefore you will be confused and reconsider the point. This is what they want, the time. Be sure, while you are hesitating - they are changing names, locations, email addresses and details they might be caught by. The only thing you should do is to stop communicating, escape and isolate yourself from criminals. Do not forget to report asap - the soonest way you give the info, the fastest maneuvres the criminals will be punished.

Indeed it is important to tell what information you shared, in particular, details: phone numbers, names, places, references. addresses or anything that could lead the process on scam forums or websites that proceed scam investigatigations.

6. Be attentive to what you have been questioned.

Pay attention to specific and obvious questions, for example if someone is interested how much do you earn or any other financial issues like what house property do you have. Sometimes instead of being quite direct scammers conceal the main idea of such questions.

Watch out if your online partner is deeply interested in your financial position, you should respond that this is not convenient for you to contunue and change the topic. And if your partner has seriour intentions, he will understand, if your partner is a scammer, he will escape or find another ways of luring such information from you.

7. Esteem the period how fast your partner is ready to meet with you or fall in love or marry.

The significant point to find oout the scammer is his ability to share his so-fast-falling-in-love feelings, to discuss the intimate things and to dream about common future life. Be aware of those persons who stimulate you to skip from dating website to private correspondense, to give personal address or any other information only a few weeks or months after your communication.

It’s a pity to mention however modern scam artists blossomed out with their tricks to gain sincere feelings of a victim and to start serious relationship. And as wee see from different stories - this works perfectly. This trust goes deeper and victim can buy a ticket, wait patiently, and when scammer informs about the delay or cancelling the flight - transfer the necessary amount according to the reason (serious disease, death of the relative, another ticket, insurance, education payment or banking fee).

8. Never share your private information with someone.

Isolate your personal information from third parties and do not give it to your online partner until at least your first live meeting. A person you met online doesn’t need to know your phone number or home address or (oh, Godness) some digits of your bank card. Remember: the more information you give from the very beginning, the more they will lure away from you. This is an easy way of manipulation as well.

Disgusting way is to destroy your stable position with shaking you down by beating you to the knees by your intimate secrets you shared. What is more - they would threaten. The only thing you should do is to send the money but no guarantee if they stop and leave you.

9. Be advised to get in touch with locals more than foreigners miles away.

Due to statistics on different antiscam sites 67% locals tend to get connected with someone while only 45% are ready to get united with people from distant countries. Besides, there are more ways to idetify a person when he is near instead of that one who is far away.

10. Personal meeting organizing.

Be careful and save your time with communication online. We recommend you to intend to meet in real life as no matter how wonderful you are together on your website there is only one way to check if you match each other: to meet. You are able to arrange it in public crowdy place (it is more convenient for both parties) and immediately to check the reaction. If your interlocutor is from another country and requires you to book a ticket it is better for you to reconsider your date.

Another way of verifying the person’s intentions - to speak onthe phone or via Skype, to hear thevoice, intonation to see emotions and gestures (very often when a lier makes his tricks - it is harder for him to hide it from web cam). Listen and watch carefully.

If your partner refuses having video chat, probably instead of web cam problem he is a scammer and doesn’t want to detect himself.

And one more situation is: your partner is really excited about meeting with you, moreover is planning your date with all details, however postpones the day all the time mentioning different “very important” reasons. This is not a serious intentions, this is a game. Be ready to break up as your date will never happen. This can be a scam or just an entertainment, and our role is to warn you and prevent from dangerous dating scam.