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UaDreams Warns About Scam And Fraud

Today all of us know that online dating is OK! In 2015 the number of single people in the U.S. is around 55 million and here comes the number of people in the U.S. who tried online dating - about 49 million. However there are still many people who do not accept a notion to get acquainted with someone via an Internet. They cannot even imagine how it is possible to find a romantic partner, and we got some digits for you: for example, 20% of Americans believe that those users of different dating sites are desperate people. We can agree with that, but ten years ago online dating was probably nonsense. A human accepted culturally his personal free time to be precious.

Supposedly you may think that virtual dating could have lost its stigma, but online business caused lots of negative information around websites reputations. What exactly we mean: fake websites, scammers and fraudsters, cheating and etc. We bet you may have seen lots of reviews and reports regarding such an issue.

As we see you may check with many Apps which are for free, as well as social networks that used to offer keeping the contact for free and enormous communication not to be paid. So let’s talk about money at first.

Online dating is a good opportunity to meet people – a majority of us would say. We have our technologies with Internet sources that’s why we are able to get in touch with anyone all over the world for free. Men (it’s necessary to underline that we would speak about men only) rushed to get acquainted with young ladies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as all these countries are considering to be famous for good wives. And why can we see so many reluctant men? Is virtual world delusive as to its function to join lonely hearts?

Social Networks. Criminals & Victims

If you put your destiny on network scales, you will see nothing. Really. As there are lot’s of women devout their business of cheating men out of their money via Internet. If you wish to get love, keep your wallet closed within those perfect candidates who establish your status and asks for a financial help. Keep in mind that free online translators won’t help you to avoid some misunderstandings within your communication with foreign girl.

She would draw the picture of your stable and strong relationship in such a manner that your great donating wish would be a commitment. And this action will actually be a salary for scam lovers. This is ongoing deal to be added regularly with reports all over the world, fully describing how vulnerable victims are. Scammer pretends to be in love with you, her letters are charming and your beloved is so smart, beautiful, sincere and mature that you relax with your guard. Afterwards your sweet criminal would create a letter adorning with lots of problems that cause a snowball that your beloved began to enjoy. And she certainly would ask for a money to help her. You cannot control this. You are not able to check if your money goes directly to the destination point in full or a certain amount goes for every part of the company.

Your sweetheart dissembles and you figure out that you can do nothing to find her and to disclose the trick.

Fatal chain keeps increasing with new gleaning cases. Still there are men who want to find their other half and still there are fraudsters and scammers who are in love with desperate people as desperate people would give their money readily. Feeling and in-love-emotion would correspond their image of a good plan to extract money from such victim.

May be such deception should be ghosted one day, but still if there are so many lonely people this kind of malicious business would exist in such a consistent demeanor.

We discovered several types of dating websites for groups of extraordinary people, so here are they:, Bristlr, What's Your Price, Spiritual Singles, SlyDial, Sock-It, Happn, SoulGeek, and many others. You may have a kind of defense here as to a certain interests with limited number of members.

But no one can give a guarantee to be secured if registered on free dating website.

Profile Statistics

Let’s go back to the system, why it works. We can analyze what profiles are most popular according to our statistics. Here please find data people estimate firstly when profile read:

What is the first thing to pay attention to: digits
Photos (Smile & Look) 42%
Personality & Style 35%
Good Sense of Humor 21%
Education & Career (Profession Success) 12%

This information we got from different articles, reviews, blogs about dating websites. And, of course, men are inspired to have such a good opportunity to communicate with beautiful ladies for FREE! This is a challenge.

As we see, mainly photos are the first criteria when a man chooses a woman. And a good photo with smiley face will be incentive thing to contact this profile. Criminals act proactively and start sending many photos in order to involve a person into relationship. So that should disquiet first. Keep in mind.

Sometimes such fake profiles works obtrusively with sending too many letters or messages. Another thing we need to notify all men – personal data you give to your interlocutor, this is the most popular mistake to regret. We won’t tell you about the fact that you failed to stand the test of trial if you gave her your email or personal address or any other information.

And then, if you wish to meet in person – that will never happen. That’s all. We were trying to describe you basic facts. And it’s us to you to make a conclusion.

Dating Agencies. Paid or Free?

Now let’s speak about dating websites with membership to be paid or non-free services. Such offers took their enforcement during last 10 years. We call that intermediaries and they got our advantages and disadvantages.

The main negative thing we can distinguish that correlates to disadvantage:

  • Non-free services or membership;
  • Great quantity of such agencies;
  • Scam agencies with fake profiles;
  • Fraud agencies who make reports to stand out from their competitors;
  • Agencies with no guarantee of personal meeting.

Now please find some advantages as well:

  • Professional staff;
  • Perfect translation & interpreter services;
  • Great number of services & individual options;
  • Checked profiles with single ladies;
  • Trip packages and assistance;
  • Anti-scam policy;
  • The guarantee of personal meeting.

Men are desperate within their chances to find their beloved. And often they grasp a shadow and let go the substance. They simply forget about their security or, with regret refuse all previous ways of searching through the Internet.

A man, when he got his status of victim within bad agencies, puts all his force to spread all his scam reports surprisingly fast. His negative posts are multiplied with emotions, he claims that all of modern dating websites are really scammers, a web of intrigues, a business mistake and etc.

We discovered that sometimes dating agencies post such reports just for competition, a subject of segregation among agencies with 15-years experience and good reputation.

Scam Is For Free

Scam needs no money. Scam needs a short period of time. All you need is a profile filled properly with some photos uploaded. You will be able to communicate as much as you wish and totally free, you are able to exchange photos and videos with a lady. But such can happen that she could be a MAN sitting in his room and pretending to be your sweetheart. Probably he got these bright photos from someone’s profile of another website and called him Anna just for sure

He noticed that you like blue color (you wrote in your profile) and uploaded lots of photos of Anna in blue dressing. Got it?

You have been communicating with someone pretending to be a person. But “his” purpose is not to be your beloved. “His” purpose is to make you fall in love and cheat you out of you money.

Keep in mind that real dating agency never does its job for free. There is great number of professionals to get their salaries (translators, interpreters, technicians, websites and apps developers, trip managers and assistants, customers and members support, HR and PR departments, AntiScam departments, controlling social network centers, billing departments, office-managers and drivers and etc.)

Real dating agencies have websites with apps compatible with all devices, good technical options, they have offices and branches what is comfortable to organize personal meeting almost in each main city.

UaDreams Got An Idea How To Make Their Members Secured

Of course, such dating websites are not charity organizations; they do earn money for their work. However there is no place for phishing, scam and fraud within special policy. Why it is so?

First and the main point is they prohibit exchanging personal information between the members until they decide to meet here in Ukraine under control of head management. Supposedly it sounds funny, however there is no guarantee for a lady to be hurt by a man or for example for a man to empty his wallet if they decide to meet personally at least. No scam is here as they meet in the agency and afterwards they can communicate without intermediary help.

Plus there is special Controlling Department that covers AntiScam policy.

They got all fresh ladies’ profiles checked properly as well as previous ladies’ profiles checked regularly with all data updated.

UaDreams dating agency is thankful to all male members who addressed their complains to head managements and notified Support Center. This is very helpful and UaDreams stuff appreciates such an attitude. All measurements are to be taken within scam notices and many fraud cases to be resolved in time.

However nowadays, in 2016, we see that in general mens’ attitude towards online dating websites became more positive.

Have a look, the fresh data statistics:

  • 38% of male members of dating websites think that “online dating is a perfect opportunity to meet their beloved,” – this is 12% higher than 10 years ago.
  • 42% of male members of dating websites think that “online dating is an better opportunity to find a better match as you are able to know more people,” - this is a 5% increase.
  • 19% of male members of dating websites think that “online dating websites are for desperate ones,” - that was 8% less than in 2006.
  • 30% of male members of dating websites think that“online dating websites keep us from settling down, we always have many services there to use for dating” (this question was to be put firstly).