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Ukrainian girls through foreigners’ eyes.

In this article we will give to you some tips about what they are, the Ukrainian women and how to get acquainted with them. This material will become useful for those foreigners, who wish to meet such girls: it will teach you to distinguish them on clothes and talk, will tell as it’s better to behave yourself in the presence of Ukrainians. So…

How to recognize the Ukrainian woman?

If a girl puts on leather trousers, high heels, brilliant tops and huge ear rings then, most likely, she is the Ukrainian. These women like to look good always and everywhere, even if they go on a casual event. She doesn't smile for any occasion and doesn't speak to the first comer "How are you doing?", despite on fine sense of humor. These women are more reserved. Pay attention to high heels: Ukrainian women like to carry heels to emphasize their faultless feet. She devotes to a hairstyle much time and doesn't spare cosmetics. The typical Ukrainian girl is a slender high blonde with blue eyes and beautiful cheekbones. She drinks horilka (vodka), wine, whisky or other strong alcohol. Perhaps it is a stereotype, but Ukrainians really give preference to stronger alcohol.

What does the Ukrainian woman say?

She can ask you about your plans for New Year, in spite of the fact that it’s August outside now. She says a lot on how much she respects and loves her grandmother and parents, who, for certain, lives with them in one apartment. She incidentally mentions: her father is the most remarkable man in the world. She tells you how used to take dancing lessons and gymnastics or how remarkably she can play the piano. She mentions football or hockey, as spectacular sports. She speaks much about soul and inner world, rolling up her eyes or shaking the head in response to the Americans’ actions.

How to behave with the Ukrainian?

Be confident in yourself. Many of Ukrainians are very self-confident and expect the same from men. Use a sign language, demonstrate your self-confidence through appearance and be positively adjusted in relation to own life. Be able to take care of yourself. Women love independent men and men, who can be useful in economy. Have sense of humor. Those, who say the Ukrainians have no sense of humor, are mistaken. Simply, they love sarcasm, jokes, a word-play and impudence. Show yourself as spiritually rich person. Mention about your family, a pet or how you care of your house. Understand a difference between Ukraine and Russia. Ignorance of differences between these two countries terribly irritates Ukrainian women. And what do you think about the opinion of the Americans?